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End-Effectors International, Inc. (EEI2)

Whatever you may choose to call them...Robotic Blades, Robotic Hands, Blades, Spatulas, End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), Robotic Arm Tool, or End-Effectors, providing the interface between intelligent robots and the products being handled is the role played by End-Effectors International, Inc. The technology of capture, hold and move at first glance seem trivial. However, when dealing with sensitive products, low contamination levels, high speed operations and harsh environments, the problems become formidable.

Using ceramic materials and proprietary and patented technology EEI2 has provided solutions for many of the world's leading manufacturers and continues to develop both technology and capability for its world wide customer base.

The links below points to sections of End-Effectors International, Inc. Product Catalog. Each link contains a PDF file for viewing or downloading. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Acrobat Reader 4.0/5.0 compatible) installed before you can view or print the catalogs. Please contact FJA if you experience any difficulty downloading or viewing the catalog.

End-Effectors Product Catalog

End-Effectors Product Introduction

Ceramic Vacuum Clamping Product Line

SC Series

CC Series

Pneumo Mechanical End-Effectors Product Line

Talon I Series

Talon II Series

Talon III Series

Talon IV Series

Talon V Series

Talon VI Series

End-Effectors Accessories

450mm End-Effector

Ceramic Chucks

LDP-10 Load Distribution Plate

CMA Series Standard Mounting Adapters

TMA Series Standard Mounting Adapters

CEA-10 Series Custom End-Effectors Adapters

FSC-10 Fail-safe Clamp (Vacuum)

TWA-10 Series Talon Wafer Aligner

WTP-10 Series Wafer Transport (Fail-safe)

MMS-70 Mini Micro-switch

MTP-10 Mask Transport (Fail-Safe)

EEB-10 End-Effectors Bible

End-Effectors Price Lists and Reference Information

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